About Everest

Brief Profile

A group of young, enthusiastic and diversified professionals got a courageous dream of setting a vertically integrated pharmaceuticals company in Bangladesh to manufacture the technology driven, uphill, lifesaving drugs. Apart from the general pharmaceuticals products, the mission includes specialized products of Oncology, Nephrology, hematology, Virology, and other Biotech products as well. The aim of this dream is to make this high cost, live saving medicines accessible and affordable to the general people. This is how the Everest Pharmaceuticals Ltd. came into existence.
Emboldened by the Doha Declaration of WTO on the exemption of TRIPS to 49 LDC countries including Bangladesh and subsequent extension of this opportunity till 2033, the Everest Pharma dares to venture the full advantages of this provision for Pharmaceuticaland Biotech products with its unique combination of professional prowess translating into marvel manufacturing of complicated formulations of new drugs and dosage forms.
Formulating the newly invented molecules with ultimate technical and professional efficiency and making these medicines accessible and affordable to the sufferers not only in Bangladesh but across the globe where these supposed to be, have always been the key elements in the Company's strategy. The high quality, Safe and affordable healthcare for every people is in the vision of the company.