About Everest


Expertise and efficiency

As our journey to excellence is continuous, so we always encourage and assist all colleagues to equip themselves with the up-to-the-minute technical and professional knowledge to ensure the finest products and services to all of our stakeholders. Expertise and Efficiency is the key for the development of all employees and company as well.

Individuality and Teamwork

We believe in individual’s strength in identifying the challenges and coming forward with unique solutions. Our people are always inspired to speak freely of their ideas and to work with that for the good of the company. The leaders then tune up all individuals’ efforts together and achieve the objective of the company as a team.

Speed and flexibility

Our values lie with the fast response to any challenge with a number of possible approaches. The speed keeps us first, be the introduction of any product, or ensure the satisfaction of a customer and the agility keeps us moving uninterruptedly.

Partnership and Reliability

We insist and ensure all of our employees, from bottom to top, would be the genuine stakeholders of the company through the acquisition of shares. Moreover, the development of ownership programs have been initiated at the different levels of the company. We opt to extend the ownership programs beyond our employees, to all stakeholders. The company as a whole would work with the trust and reliability of a family.

Quality and Environment

Quality of people, materials and process is the very integral to the company with a view to provide high value products and efficient and innovative solutions. Our quality people with state-of-the-art processes and practices exert no negative impact on the environment as we consider the environment at the root of our existence.