About Everest


Our leaders are passionate professionals, having desire to move beyond the horizon, are affectionate to science and are committed to the development of quality of life.


Cofounder and Managing Director

A Pharmacy and Business graduate, Mr. Zakir, has acquired experiences in almost all spheres of Pharma business in local and MNC companies for last 15 years before starting the Everest Pharmaceuticals Ltd. His portfolio also included a four-year service in military. An austere implementer, an insatiable worker with good blend of technical and business knowledge together, Mr. Zakir is determined to get the business of Everest Pharma to the global level within very short span of time. He graduated in Pharmacy from Jahangirnagr University and succeeded MBA from IBA, Dhaka University.


Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

A fervent follower of new product and process, Mr. Anwar, has a vast experience as operational head in Oncology, Virology, Hematology, Neurology and general pharmaceutical products as well. Before starting Everest Pharma, he led one of the fastest growing companies in Bangladesh for a decade with initiation and development of market for locally manufactured oncology products. His finest knowledge and relentless efforts made him a champion in Pharmaceutical marketing in Bangladesh. Mr. Anwar graduated in Pharmacy from Jahangirnagar University and obtained his MBA degree from North South University, Bangladesh.


Cofounder and Chief Financial Consultant

A humble, silent and very effective worker, Mr. Anjan, set the visionary, corporate and financial management of Everest Pharmaceuticals Ltd. from the very early beginning of the company. His areas of expertise include financial management of company and group of companies through national and international Banks and Institutions, corporate management, IPOs, financial audit and survey, supply chain management etc. He worked for a number of leading Pharmaceuticals companies including MNC in Bangladesh for more than 15 years. Mr. Anjan graduated in Commerce and secured his FCA from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh.


Cofounder and Director, HRM & Administration

An extrovert, virtuous conversationalist, a Pharma Professional and Sporting personality, Mr. Moznu spent a glorious period in investment in UAE and Bangladesh. He started his career as a Pharmaceutical marketer in Bangladesh and rose to the senior management level very shortly. Prior to start Everest Pharma, he was involved in the investment to Pharma, Real Estate, and HR industry in UAE. With his immense ability to form and guide a team, Mr. Maznu established himself as a very successful entrepreneur. He graduated in Pharmacy from Jahangirnagr Univeristy and did his MBA from Headway Institute of Bangladesh.